From the Chief Executive Officer

The natural advantage of Elk-Antelope

Planning for the Elk-Antelope LNG Project continues to step up with more than 500 people now working on the project in Papua New Guinea, Australia, Singapore and France.

Concept selection studies are well advanced and onshore and offshore surveys are due to start before the end of 2014.

The project promises to benefit from the pioneering PNG LNG Project, which has shown the world that Papua New Guinea can build and operate mega-projects.

In addition, Papua New Guinea is now recognised as having one of the lowest-cost greenfield LNG projects in the world, a huge advantage over other competing LNG projects in Australasia.We believe Elk-Antelope will support at least a two-train project and will benefit from several advantages over other gas developments in Papua New Guinea.

It is closer to infrastructure than any other developed gas field in the country and it is close to a major river, an important cost benefit when transporting people and equipment.

It also has the natural advantage of being in a less-mountainous region than other major gas fields, a big factor in development cost. But more importantly, it is a single gas field that can be developed without the expense of pipelines and processing facilities to collect gas from multiple fields.

Our opportunity – and the opportunity for Papua New Guinea – is to make the most of these metrics in developing Elk-Antelope efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Michael Hession